We are gearing up for our 2018 Fundraiser, Feb. 11th



Just a few people we were able to help with equipment, thanks to your generosity !

Genna Williamson and her dad Brett. This is her first deer !

John Reed and his family with his buck! 

Joe Watson he hadn't hunted in 2 yrs. He got outdoors but didn't harvest a deer.

2017 Donors to date,

Carol Osswald

Canine Country Cabin, LLC

Conyers Outdoors 

CRKT Knives

Deer :30 Clock Stopper 


Jeffrey Lucas

Joes Meat Market

John Deere


Raptor Razor

Russ & Laurie Zaft



Our 2016 Fundraiser Was A Great Success, THANK YOU!

    This is our son Michael. He became a spasdic quadraplegic from a brain injury from a auto accident when he was 5 years old. He has always loved to hunt and fish. He would be thrilled to have his gun rest and hunting boots donated to someone who could use them. Mike was always generous and wanted to help in anyway that he could.

Doug and Sue Schnell


Some Of Our 2014 Equipment Recipients! More Pictures Coming Soon.

Brian Amidon reached out to us this 2014 season.

He hadn't hunted in 20 yrs, he had know idea he still could!

''I got this buck earlier this evening. Got him at 186 yards right through the heart! Thank you to you and your organization for making this happen!!!! Brian Amidon''


17 Year Old Nicholas With His New Setup From NYODU
This Is Nicholas's First Year Deer Hunting!


13 year old Scott on our 2014 Edmeston Disabled Hunt.

Scott saw one doe this morning out of range again. Saw 2 doe tonight he got a shot at one but buck fever took over(he was shaking so bad and my heart was pounding too) and missed and shot behind her. 15/16 yards out. Also about 6 more turkeys. One more chance tomorrow. So far the group has taken a 6 point, 5 doe & 1 turkey. I am so proud of him & he has taken to these guys so well. The families that are sponsoring this hunt are great & we feel so blessed to take part in this hunt with them. Thank you all so much


A Little Background On NYOU And Alec Brown
NY Outdoors Unlimited Inc. was approached 3 years ago by Karen Brown, mother of Alec Brown who is a disable boy who wanted to gun hunt deer. We started looking for a place for him to go on his first whitetail hunt. We had his mom apply for the Buckmasters Life Hunt in Alabama, thru David Sullivan who runs this awesome yearly disabled hunt. Alec was chosen to attend and he harvested a really nice buck on the last day of the 3 day hunt. This was his first hunt, ever, so he needed everything. We took him to BassPro and outfitter him in camo head to toe. This year we were contacted again by Karen stating Alec wants to bow hunt. I told her he would need to take a bow hunter safety course. We couldn’t find a safety course for both gun and archery, so we turned to the internet, Facebook to be exact. Asked if anyone knew of any archery classes were going on in NY in our area. Tim Pask my Facebook friend put us in touch with a gentleman, Bill Fox a NYS instructor. After explaining the situation to Bill, he said he would do a class just for Alec, broken up in segments so it was easier on Alec.
The classes were to be held in Leroy NY at C &.C Archery, owned by Mike Valencia. We all met at Mikes shop to get the ball rolling, while our club was trying to figure a good way to setup Alec with a bow. Alec is wheelchair bound with very limited upper body strength. As we were going through all the things we have done for disable people in the past years, Mike, owner of C & C Archery said, ‘’How about a crossbow?’’ Our mindset was compound bow, being crossbows are new to deer season in NY this year.  Then Mike did one better. Mike contacted Craig Anderson of Killer Instinct Crossbows based in Michigan. They presently have only two bows on the market. I believe they would rather have two reliable, fast bows than a whole line of mediocre, unreliable bows. And these bows don’t disappoint! I digress, Mike of C&C said the Killer Instinct Crossbows would donate a crossbow for Alec though NY Outdoors Unlimited Inc. We were blown away, everything was falling into place. Next, Mike got a phone to a machinist friend Bob Johns, owner of RJ Precision in Leroy, NY to come over and look to see what Alec needed to hold the crossbow and shoot. Bob took some measurements and a week later had a finished product for Alec. It allowed Alec to rest the crossbow on it and slide the bow left and right, up and down. Mike started working with Alec and within a short period of time was tack driving!

Alec passed his bow hunting class, we finalized things with Mike before we left with to broad head tune to get Alec ready to hunt. Then Mike put the bow in a top quality soft bow case, with a box of bolts, broad heads and everything else that was needed for crossbow hunting, put in in a bag and said ‘’Here ya go, this is my donation, and if you need anything else just call’’. I had a dumbfounded look on my face, and thanked Mike! Our club runs into allot of great people that help us help others, it’s very humbling. Alec had a grin ear to ear and said, ‘’when will we get together to shoot some more?’’ A week later we met at my house and within minutes he was tack driving with broad heads.
In fact, I bought a new target that was rated for 400 FPS, RIGHT! Within 3 arrows he was blowing thru it!.
Well if you made it this far, the rest is up to God and Alec to put some horns on wall and meat in the freezer.

PS On a side note, his brother Colin, also wheelchair bound came over to shoot too. I think we have another future deer hunter; he’s a dead eye too!


17 Year Old Alec Brown Checking Bow Before Hunt

Alec Brown's Practice Paid Off!

Edmeston NY 2014 Disabled Hunt

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