New York Outdoors Unlimited Inc.
1126 Ridge Rd,
Ontario, NY 14519

New York Outdoors Unlimited Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving outdoor opportunities for youth and the physically challenged. Its purpose is to promote friendship, fellowship, mutual understanding and cooperation among physically challenged people and able bodied associates by encouraging them to participate in outdoor recreation.

Special events will be scheduled, organized and conducted by both handicapped and able bodied members of this organization. New York Outdoors Unlimited Inc. will work closely with the New York Wildlife  Commission and other interested organizations to promote and support these special events. Events will include but are not limited to special hunting and shooting events.

While social and recreational activities centered on these sporting events are encouraged, we do not claim in any way to provide a professional level of medical or rehabilitative care to the participants. Participants will be required to sign a waiver of liability for any events sponsored by New York Outdoors Unlimited Inc..

To further our cause, Outdoors Unlimited Inc. will work closely with the New York Wildlife Commission and other governing bodies to ensure that new facilities meet ADA standards and existing facilities be made as accessible as possible.

There are many individuals whose quality of life can be enriched by our organization. New York Wildlife Commission will reach out to individuals via website, special events, outdoor expos and appropriate media coverage. New membership is encouraged to ensure the continuing productivity of our organization and help further our ability to promote outdoor recreation for handicapped individuals in New York.

For more information about membership and for those who wish to make a donation in the form of cash or prizes, please contact New York Outdoors Unlimited Inc.

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