Welcome to our website!  My name is George Bolender, president of NY Outdoors Unlimited Inc. In 1991 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left me a C 5-6 quad. I had to overcome many obstacles to get back to a somewhat normal life. Thanks to my wife Julie, my 4 children, supportive family and many friends, I was on my way. During my transition time I knew life would never be the same as it was before, but I needed it to be as “normal” as it could be. One of the things that I wanted to get back into was hunting and the great outdoors, but how? I’m paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

It took over a year to find something that would work. It was a rig that held a compound bow at full draw, I could get out archery hunting again. It came at a hefty price and still needed some major work . My brother-in-law, Russ Zaft took the rig and made many improvements and modifications. I’m still using the same rig to this day. Thanks to Russ, I now shoot along with archery, shotgun, pistol, muzzle-loader and rifle. I have hunted whitetail, black bear with great success.

Thanks to a devoted group of people, Outdoors Unlimited Inc. has come a long way since it's inception eight years ago. We incorporated in June 2009 with 12 members and our members keep growing. We became a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in 2010.

Our organization is here to help get you equipment through our fund raising events and the generosity of others. Although we can only offer funding to those truly in need in NY at this time, take heart. If you don’t reside in NY we still offer our services in evaluating your particular needs. We may also be able to assist you in finding a funding resource in your state. So contact us, we’ve done all the research for you, it only costs a email. Today people with physical limitations have a wide array of commercial equipment at their finger tips.

George Bolender
NY Outdoors Unlimited Inc. A Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

If there is a way we will find it, we don’t want anyone left behind. We Share Your Passion !!!!

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